About Us

We’re not afraid to think differently. Or to find creative solutions to complex situations in order to achieve our goals. Namely, the delivery of alpha to our investors and stakeholders.

Since 2016, we’ve invested across a broad range of sectors, including Hotels, Healthcare, Leisure, Student Accommodation, Social & Affordable Housing, Residential and Commercial Real Estate.

With expertise in all aspects of deal sourcing, structuring, execution and management, we are cyclical investors with a unique ability to access proprietary deal flow and an innovative approach to funding. Not to mention, highly skilled in establishing value through the repositioning, redevelopment and asset management of real estate assets and implementing operational improvements.

Opportunistic. Cyclically thematic. Event-driven.

Our unique approach to investment allows us to operate within any sector, across a number of diverse special situations. Unrestricted by mandate and not married to a particular strategy, we are able to look at investments or find solutions that other funds or investors simply can’t. Combining this flexible approach to investment, structuring and management, with our multi-skilled team of investors and operators, we deliver real value to investors and stakeholders alike.



We take our responsibility to you seriously and deliver on our commitments. Our reputation, as a firm and as individuals, is of the utmost importance to us. We strive to always act with integrity towards our investors, our partners, our employees and all the diverse stakeholders we work with.


An innovative and solution-orientated approach to complex or special situations is in our DNA. It’s what makes us standout amongst our peers. Working passionately to retain the entrepreneurial spirit that built our firm, we pride ourselves in constantly finding creative solutions to our stakeholders’ needs.


Committed to trust and transparency, we are a relationship-driven firm. Our success is due to the long-term partnerships we have carefully nurtured by always seeking to better understand and align stakeholders’ interests, developing our business with equality, empathy, objectivity and respect.


Collaboration is at the heart of all we do. We know from experience that we can achieve more collectively than as individuals. By reaching towards common goals, encouraging feedback and fostering accountability, we drive outsized returns for our investors and stakeholders.

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The diversity of our portfolio is testament to our unique approach to investment.